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In addition to the standard attachments, Lang Tool Co. custom designs attachments for specific job requirements.  This is how the LTC Rock Saw was developed.  LTC was approached by a Florida contractor who had to deepen a canal with a limestone bottom.  Blasting was not allowed on the project.  Lang Tool Co. designed a saw to cut 4 wide and 2 deep.  The contractor made cuts in the stone about 2 apart.


LTC Rock Saw

A 450 excavator was used to pull out the sections between the cuts.  This method proved to be very efficient and cost effective. The Rock Saw has been used to cut reinforced concrete.  The saw drive assembly is designed so that different blades with wider cutting widths and different cutting depths can be installed in place of the standard blade.  Lang Tool Co. can custom design a saw blade per your specifications.


Rock Saw Specifications

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