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A one man, one machine process that grinds stumps in place, reducing them to small chips that are thoroughly mixed into the topsoil.

LTC Stump Grinder

The LTC Stump Grinder was developed by a land clearing contractor to solve stump disposal problems created by restrictions on burning and burying land clearing debris.  The LTC Stump Grinder is designed to grind stumps and the underground root structure. It turns a relatively slow 200 to 250 rpm, and develops tremendous torque. Competitive grinders turn over 1,000 rpm and are not capable of grinding stumps below ground. The slow rotational speed and high torque characteristics of the LTC Stump Grinder allow it to work in extremely rocky terrain where competitive grinders are not practical.




210SG1600 Stump Grinder Specifications

Hydraulic Pressure: 5,200 psi
Hydraulic Flow: 100 gpm
Rotational Speed: 250 rpm
Torque: 6,750 lb/ft
Drum Width 20"
Drum Diameter (bit tips): 40"
Support Bearings: Tapered Roller
Bearing Lubrication: Oil
Bits: 44 Carbide Rock Trenching Type
Weight: 4,300 lb
Grapple Cyl: 4" bore x 41.5" stroke x 2.5" rod

290SG2500 Stump Grinder Specifications

Hydraulic Pressure: 5,000 psi
Hydraulic Flow: 130 gpm
Rotational Speed: 200 rpm
Torque: 10,150 lb/ft
Drum Width 30"
Drum Diameter (bit tips): 41.5
Support Bearings: 4 Tapered Roller
Bearing Lubrication: Oil
Bits: Rock Trenching Type
Weight: 8,500 lb
Grapple Cyl: 5" bore x 45" stroke x 3" rod

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